Main Debate

  • Efficient v. fair procedures

Main Points

  • Contrast between UNHCR and EU definition of ‘manifestly unfounded’ claims
  • Abridged safeguards
  • Shifts in the standard and burden proof
  • Procedural and formal grounds (as opposed to grounds related to the merits) for channelling claims into accelerated procedures

EU Documents

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UNHCR Documents

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See also UNHCR, Improving Asylum Procedures, March 2010.


  1. Brahim Samba Diouf v. Ministre du Travail, de l’Emploi et de l’Immigration, C-69/10, Court of Justice of the European Union, 27 July 2011.

See also H.I.D. and B. A. in Section VI.2.4.3.



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Editor’s Note

A discussion of accelerated and manifestly unfounded procedures should also consider their relationship to the notions of safe third country and safe country of origin. A consideration of procedural safeguards should consider issues such as, inter alia, legal representation, oral hearings, and appeals, with and without, suspensive effect.

 VI. Accelerated and Manifestly Unfounded ProceduresVI. Accelerated and Manifestly Unfounded Procedures

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